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Capricorn (2018)

This year, as per Capricorn horoscope 2018 , get ready for the roller coaster ride because this duration is going to be full of ups and downs.

During this year, stars suggest that you need to work very hard and lots of challenges may come to your way. But your efforts and positive approach towards life might fetch you better results.

If we talk about your finances, you may face increased expenditure and many obstacles in the way of your progress. Also, you may have to travel a lot because of your work.

At times, you might feel pressurized because of your excessive expenses and declined finance. You may take a loan around this time but time is not good for borrowing or lending money.

Also, stay away from the gossips and politics played at your workplace. Disputes with your seniors may land you in trouble. So, keep control over your anger.

In business, avoid taking risks during this period. But you are likely to get profit through your foreign connections. Avoid trusting people blindly in monetary matters. This is not a good time for new ventures.

Health-wise, this year demands your extra attention. At times, disappointments and failures might make you feel low and depressed.

You may skip your meals because of your hectic schedule and this will create problems like acidity and gastric. Also, there are chances of intestinal infection. So, a better time management is needed around this time.

Astrologically speaking, a good lifestyle and eating habits are the solution of all the health related issues. Practising meditation will surely bring you mental peace.

If we talk about your familial life, detachment through material world and your interest may rise in spirituality. But soon you will be back to your normal life and spend good time with your family.

During this period, you may get full support of your spouse and family and this will surely lift your spirits. Being a responsible member of your family every member might have some expectations from you. And you will try your best to fulfill all your responsibilities.

However, some occasional tiffs are possible during this period. So avoid arguments and disputes and be careful about your words. But health of your partner might be the reason of you concern. So, take care of him/her.

An auspicious occasion like marriage is expected to take place at home. Couples wishing for a baby might get their wish fulfilled during this time. Pregnant ladies need to be careful around this time.

You may go on a religious tour with your family around this period, according to Capricorn 2018 predictions.

Children will do exceptionally well and their success will keep you happy this year. They might go abroad for further studies or may take admission in their favorite college which they are dreaming of since long time. Their health is expected to stay good.