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What has vastu to do with domestic happiness ?

How Vastu, which is the science of dwellings, links itself to the happiness in the family. The Vedas, the wisdom books and knowledge banks of India, has given us the great Panchataras (Jyotisha, Yoga, Ayurveda and Vastu) of our culture. All these science are inter-related and inter-dependent.

Each sector of a quadrangle (Mandala) is identified with the primary elements of Nature. When these identifications are studied carefully, those can be applied to bring in happiness into the family.

Every body says “Home, sweet home.” How can a home be sweet if there are disturbances and agitations in the family? Such disturbances can broadly relate to :

A)  Peace of mind
B)  Behaviour
C)   Education
D)  Routine or day to day family , conflicts or confrontations  .
E)  Health
F)  Profession
G) Finances

Peace of Mind

If you want to prevent or minimize the problems arising out of the infantile actions or inaction of other members of the family or if you want to give yourselves enough strength to face the onslaught from family members? For this, get enough strength first and then think trying to solve the problems of your family member. The right and legitimate Vastu place for you in the house is the South-West or if that is not available then South of the house. In this area you need to spend at least eight hours a day.

In ancient times, our kings would sit on the throne, which had a certain placement. When they sat there, the assembly, which consisted of ministers and people, would be able to discuss properly matters of importance and the kings were able to award fair judgements. We just need to adapt to this ancient practice in our day to day lives.


Good behaviour of family members is one important aspect of family happiness. When each member of the family understands his/her responsibility towards the family, happiness stays intact, but when one rebels without worrying about one’s own responsibility, peace in the family begins to drift away. Such rebelling could be in the form of disturbing behaviour. It could be in the form of verbal aggression on other family members for no rhyme or reason, and can sometimes be even in the form of physical violence.